iOS 11.1.1 Released! A[?] issue resolved ,Here are some good tips.

iOS 11.1.1 Released! A[?] issue resolved ,Here are some good tips.

Apple has pushed out a new update iOS 11.1.1.The fixes and issues so many people were having with autocorrect bug where your letter I would replaced by weird symbols like A[?].

The new update directly addresses the issue like

“Fixes an issues with keyboard auto-correct.”

“Fixes an where hey siri stops working”.

I have seen this everywhere and I have personally not experienced that as mine is working perfectly fine.

However lot of people and whom i know personally as well are facing those bugs. It’s really annoying when you are typing I and it gets replaced by that weird bug.

I have seen many of the post and funny stuffs online just surprised how many people are facing such issue.

so guys if you been experiencing such issue go ahead and update get A[?] issue resolved.

There is another issue that has been issue where hey Siri stops working for some people and I have also personally experienced it.

so I double checked after updating and it was immediately fixed on my iPhone 10.

Before updating I had 242.12 GB but after that there is  little increase to 242.19GB. apart from that no other significant changes in fluidity or speed that probably might do with IOS 11.2.

A lot of guys may be experiencing a battery drain issues and small stuff that probably may get resolved in iOS 11.2.

Here’s look at Geekbench to know what is the CPU performance before and after the update. as expected it’s not that significant.

IPhone  10 runs ios 11.1.1 pretty well.It is very fast and improvement over previous versions is good up to certain extent.

A very useful thing I would like to share is when I was running geenbench before updating,the multi-core score and single-core was gradually dipping.Now there is lot improvement with increase up to 500 in multi-score and 100 in single-core score.

There are certain under the cover hidden features who knows might come to light.

So friends if you don’t want to enjoy A[?] bug anymore on your iPhone 10,go ahead and update to 11.1.1 that definitely fix this annoying issue.

If you find helpful do share your valuable feedback.

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