Iphone X drop test! Simply impressive

Iphone X drop test! Simply impressive

The iPhone X drop test! a ridiculously priced device which you never want to break.but sometimes fortune do not favour and might happen. However the claims regarding its durability is the best and good news for iPhone lovers

It’s very painful to know that IPhone x cost 579$ to replace ,add warranty and it’s screen repair is little under 300$.you definetly don’t want to break the display and protect it.

The new iPhone x is unique among all series so far. The body is made of stainless steel which is not very often used by apple however looks beautiful from outside.

Iphone 8 when taken as a reference tested along with iphone x to test the durability, the results were amazing.

what if you want to use it naked how the durability will do?the answer is the iPhone X drop test.

so let’s see Iphone X vs IPhone 8 is it more or less durable?

First test with cases.

The initial test is done with cases both on iPhone X and IPhone 8 to check whether the internals are working properly after a drop.

Droping facing backside with case.

First starting with Iphone 8 when dropped from head height on solid concrete floor.It was perfectly ok and no internal damage registered.

when IPhone X dropped from head height luckily damage was prevented.

again after dropping from head height facing backside didn’t cause any damage to iphone 8 and IPhone X

Second test without case and protection.

Now this is real challenge to check the durability of glass as it is naked without any case protection when dropped.

The things to Consider is how stainless steel of iPhone x  will absorb the shock as compare to iPhone 8 aluminium body which is very soft.

When both iPhone 8 and IPhone X are dropped from waist  height surprising both survives the damage. If we look at the weight it is most heaviest phone apple has produced so might be actually worst for dropping.

Side impact

when dropped from side vertically both iPhone 8 and iPhone x survives this time also.

When iPhone 8 dropped from the head height facing back the results were not good at all. IPhone X could not withstand the impact and got shattered completly.however the device worked properly.

when IPhone X dropped from head height facing back there were no damages. The phone was intact and properly running without any concern.

Again when IPhone X 8 was dropped from the head height facing glass,surprisingly this time it escaped the damage.all other functions were perfectly alright and working.

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IPhone X dropped with facing the glass from head height it got saved.It seems that the stainless steel absorbs the shock and act as saviour.

so as the test ends IPhone X comes to be king of all phones which survives this brutal test and is still working.

the only problem is the face ID stopped working after the phone dropped from the head hieght.its camera was still intact and had no issues whatsoever.

Conclusion:- If you drop your IPhone x repeatedly then your face ID might stop working.the device could not be said as complete winner of drop test but on physical it did.its heavier, thicker and seems to be much tougher with stainless leaving a lasting impression on buyer.

Iphone X drop test cleared!






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