“sitemap pending” a common issue for new bloggers resolved.

sitemap pending

sitemap pending-A new blogger looking to setup a new website generally haults by certain issues.

despite of fixing all problems associated with website setup ,one of the common issue is submitting the Sitemap to google.

A common procedure involving the submission of Sitemap to google sometimes shows the error, “sitemap pending” . So friends  there is no need to worry as it can be fixed with minor corrections.

1)The common mistake for the error is incorrect spelling

yes !you absolutely heard right.

while submitting the Sitemap to given below section “Add/Test SITEMAP” sitemap.xml has to be submitted.

sitemap pending
sitemap pending

the common mistake people do here is they submit Sitemap.xml instead of sitemap.xml with end results showing error.

Still  if you are not witnessing any crawls then you may need check and fix other issues mention below.

2)Discouraging the search engine to index your Sitemap.

yes, there is option available in WordPress raw websites. The default setting is might sometime marked as Discouraging the website to get indexed and appear in search engine.

so Friends you can reassure your settings again.

3)your website is new and has many pages.

This  is probably a very minor concern and it generally gets fixed within 2 days.google is very complex algorithm and generally takes its own time to configure certain data.

4) Having too many soft 404 error pages.

404 error pages may sometimes prove very costly as it has very negative impact on raking.

Due to inappropriate page landing and link building can show error as sitemap pending for many days.

you can always fix the issue by simply testing in google web console.

5) broken links.

link building is very essential for any website to create sitemap. If not done appropriately it will be very hard for google to understand the skeleton of your website.

So after fixing above issues you can simply add your sitemap in google web console and get it indexed.

If still any issue you are facing to get indexed your website you always comment below.

Thank you.




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